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Master Craft Academy Tour USA

Master Craft Academy is a nationwide educational programme for bartenders and bar managers. One of the key issues was to involve bartending masters in the event as trainers of the Master Craft Academy. We focused on versatility, creativity behind the bar and success achieved in the business, because the workshop programme concentrated on learning self-presentation and building self-confidence, secrets of mixology and sharing of managerial know-how.

A week-long educational trip to the United States aimed at introducing the trainers to the world of Brown-Forman’s brands and products and at broadening their horizons. In addition to bartending and product knowledge, the trainers brought first-hand knowledge and personal experience to the table, as they visited two of the client’s main distilleries – Jack Daniel’s distilleries in Lynchburg and Woodford – during the Master Craft Academy Tour.

In addition, the trainers drew inspiration from New Orleans, the capital of American drinks, and visited world-class speakeasy venues in New York.  During the trip, a series of educational videos for bartenders was created, which are available on the Master Craft Academy’s fanpage on Facebook.

Client: Brown-Forman
Organisation: HOLO

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