Martini x Aïoli - Holo

Martini x Aïoli

At the Aïoli restaurant, the intense rhythm of the city meets the aperitivo tradition – simple southern cuisine and Italian cocktails. The industrial yet warm interior fits perfectly into the Martini world. Our task was to create a garden design dedicated to Martini Tonic, which would match the character of the place. The garden was open to guests of Aïola in Świętokrzyska Street in the summer season of 2017.

The next project was related to the opening of a new Aïoli restaurant in Chmielna Street. This time the project involved creation of a dedicated garden and discreet branding of the place in the vintage style. We produced, among others, Martini and Martini Tonic neon signs. The whole interior design was completed with Martini bottles and posters referring to the brand’s Turin heritage.

We created a fragment of a fresco in plaster with Martini branding, with bricks emerging from underneath, creating a unique atmosphere. The garden was open to guests of Aïola in the summer season of 2018.

Client: Bacardi-Martini
Creative idea and production: HOLO

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