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Finlandia Trip x Club SISU

In recent years, Finlandia has been implementing a global programme for brand distributors called the SISU Club. SISU is a Finnish term that can be translated as willpower, determination, perseverance and courage in the face of adversity. The essence of SISU can be found in the origins of Finlandia vodka – it is deeply rooted in Finnish nature.

The SISU Club programme is designed to present the brand spirit and to familiarise distributors around the world with the recipes, ingredients and sources of Finlandia. At the beginning of 2019, the brand conducted a nationwide sales competition in which the prize was invitations to travel to Finland as part of the SISU Club.

The programme included many attractions, including a visit to the factory in Rajamäki, a visit to the museum of Finlandia vodka, and above all a special mixology training with Markku Raittinen, the head taster of the brand, who personally supervises production and approves each batch of Finlandia Platinum, and with Pekka Pellinen, the head mixologist at Finlandia.

Through snowmobile expeditions and chainsaw ice-sculpting classes, the participants also learned about the wild forces of nature. During their trip to Helsinki, they got to know Finnish design and architecture, and the secrets of cuisine based on Finland’s natural resources – herbs, mushrooms and plants – revealed by its creatorSam Tallberg.

The expedition was attended by 27 people – 21 winners, 4 representatives of Brown-Forman and 2 animators.

Client: Brown-Forman
Organisation: HOLO

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