Easter gift pack - Holo

Easter gift pack

When designing the gift pack, we looked for inspiration in the colourful life of Baron Tommy Dewar, son of the brand founder, John Dewer.

Tommy was famous for his unusual sense of humour and love for breeding hens. That’s how the idea for the unusual Easter gift box was born. The set included egg cups serving as whisky glasses. We invited Andrzej Rysuje to work with us, who designed satirical drawings. One of the cups featured the wording: “Wesołego jajeczka! Które dwa razy dojrzewało w beczkach” (“Happy eggs! Double aged in barrels”) (Dewar’s whisky is doubly aged) and “Poświęcili mnie. Wypij kieliszek, bo dostaniesz ptasiej grypy” (“I’ve been blessed. Drink a glass or you’ll get bird flu”).

The gift pack was put into retail sale in March 2018.

Client: Bacardi-Martini
Creative idea and POSM production: HOLO

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