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Digital Event

The world has changed so much that the obligation to maintain physical distance is not an obstacle to business contacts anymore.

Online events became a full-fledged alternative to traditional events.

Thanks to the skillful use of advanced technologies, more and more consumers are convinced with virtual reality and see a number of benefits that it can offer them.


We create an idea for your event along with detailed scenario of the event and its graphic design.


We provide comprehensive technical support based on secure servers and signal transmission, we can guarantee fully secure, fast and stable access for up to 3,000 participants.

In addition, we provide technical support for participants and speakers during the live stream / event.


We provide live streaming of the event, with the option of active participation in panels, surveys or quizzes.

In addition to video calls, we also provide ongoing suport for all participants in case of any technical difficulties.


We offer a secure streaming platform and studio arrangement along with the scenography for your event.

In addition, we enable sending materials to the speakers and creating a mini studio regardless the location.


We will prepare all communication materials consistent with the concept of the event (invitations, agenda, presentations, animations, video).

During the event, we will provide participants with a video connection, access to chat and comments.


Before the event, we will send participants specially prepared gift packs.

In addition, we will prepare tools that ensure that user involvement is maintained at a high level during the event, such as a virtual photo booth, games and quizzes available on the platform.


Access to the event will be protected by a password.

We invite to the stream only selected participants, indicated by the client.


We will prepare virtual rooms for meetings in smaller groups, gifts and additional materials for all participants, personalized catering or service codes, where participants will be able to order meals during the event.


We provide quantitative and qualitative analysis after the event: statistics on the number of participants, their involvement and shared content.

We will prepare all information in the form of an extensive, transparent report.

We also give the opportunity to share the video of the entire event to all its participants.

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