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Belvedere x The View

In 2018 the Belvedere Vodka brand, implementing its on-trade strategy on the Polish market, entered into cooperation with the prestigious Warsaw club called The View. Belvedere Vodka is the first super premium vodka in the world to set global trends. The branding of the premises required the highest level of design. The interior design had to embody modernity, understood as an ideal combination of aesthetic values, new technologies, quality and functionality.

The creative idea was based on the slogan that Belvedere had used earlier in his marketing communications – Light the Night. The brightest night of the year. Among carefully designed decorative details, special attention should be paid to a large-format spatial Belvedere inscription, measuring 4 x 1.5 m, illuminated with a LED strip, with a possibility to remotely control brightness and illumination intensity. The club received a modern menu made of white Corian with an illuminated insert, making it possible to change the graphics, printed on transparent material.

Among the interior design elements were fibre optic chandeliers and a tree-shape installation, made of a thousand pieces of mirror and illuminated with LED.

We were also responsible for the production of the special Light the Night event revealing the new look of The View.

Client: Moët Hennessy
Creative idea, design and production: HOLO

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Bombay Light House Venues

Bacardi-Martini, in its efforts to reinforce its Bombay Sapphire premium gin brand in Poland, chose to focus on on-trade and house venues. Works on the flagship premises were carried out as part of the new Bombay Sapphire strategy. The global campaign is accompanied by the Stir Creativity slogan.

We rebranded top Warsaw restaurants and cocktail bars: SIX Coctails, Lenistwo, Bardzo Bardzo, Movida and Kraków’s Alechmist (in progress).

While working on the design, we had to adopt a tailor-made method – each place required an individual approach in order to create a balance between the atmosphere of the place with the world of the brand.

We went for smart branding – discreetly integrated into the surroundings, among others for SIX Coctails we produced smart velour armchairs with discreet branding in the form of a brass plaque on the back of the headrest.

Apart from branding and production of bar elements, furniture, mirrors, rack shelves and neon signs with the Stir Creativity slogan, every facility was equipped with a chiller – a designer device for cooling glasses.

Client: Bacardi-Martini
Creative idea, design and production: HOLO

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Martini x Aïoli

At the Aïoli restaurant, the intense rhythm of the city meets the aperitivo tradition – simple southern cuisine and Italian cocktails. The industrial yet warm interior fits perfectly into the Martini world. Our task was to create a garden design dedicated to Martini Tonic, which would match the character of the place. The garden was open to guests of Aïola in Świętokrzyska Street in the summer season of 2017.

The next project was related to the opening of a new Aïoli restaurant in Chmielna Street. This time the project involved creation of a dedicated garden and discreet branding of the place in the vintage style. We produced, among others, Martini and Martini Tonic neon signs. The whole interior design was completed with Martini bottles and posters referring to the brand’s Turin heritage.

We created a fragment of a fresco in plaster with Martini branding, with bricks emerging from underneath, creating a unique atmosphere. The garden was open to guests of Aïola in the summer season of 2018.

Client: Bacardi-Martini
Creative idea and production: HOLO

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