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Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition

Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition is one of the most important and largest bartending competitions in the world. The main goal of the competition is to select the best bartender in the world and to create another cult cocktail, following the example of Bacardi Daiquiri, Bacardi Mojito and Bacardi Cuba Libre.

On 15 March 2016 at the Primate’s Palace in Warsaw the regional finale took place between eight finalists from Poland, Estonia and Latvia. The great winner, and thus the best bartender in Poland, was Paweł Rodaszyński. His original cocktail called “GENESIS” stole the hearts of the jury.

The regional finale of Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition 2015 took place in Prague, Czech Republic. Top mixologists from Poland and Czech Republic competed in the finals. Karim Bibars became the Polish winner and representative at the global finale in Sydney. His drink called “MAESTRO SMASH”, based on Bacardi Carta Oro rum, gained the most recognition among the jury members. The Czech Republic was represented by Miloš Danihelka.

Client: Bacardi-Martini
Creation, production and organization: HOLO

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